Azat Miftakhov needs your support. Here’s how you can help:

Write a letter

Address for letters and cards to Azat:

127055, Moscow, ul. Novoslobodskaya, 45, PKU SIZO-2, Мифтахову Азату Фанисовичу, 1993 г.р.

Remember! Do not write anything in letters that could compromise Azat, avoid political topics. Put an empty envelope in the letter so that Azat can reply to you.

Write via the online service Rosuznik: – choose Мифтахов Азат the list. You can write anonymously!

They only accept letters in Russian (both paper and electronic), so have it translated.

Help financially

Azat really needs help with the costs of lawyers, parcels to the prison and other expenses. Alas, to be a political prisoner is expensive. Therefore, everyone can support Azat and his relatives by transferring some funds to one of the accounts.

Requisites: Sberbank Mastercard 5469 3800 5929 3380 Gorban Elena Anatolyevna

Requisites for ruble transfers:

Recipient: Gorban Elena Anatolyevna
Beneficiary account 40817810238068074965
Recipient Bank: Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia Moscow
Correspondent account 30101810400000000225
TIN of the bank 7707083893
BIC of the Bank 044525225
Subdivision code of the bank 38903807780
The address of the bank division is Moscow, Dnepropetrovskaya, 3 bld. 5A
Requisites for currency transfers: Recipient Gorban Elena Anatolevna Beneficiary account 40817810238068074965
Bank name and address: Sberbank (head office – Moscow, Russian Federation) SWIFT code SABRRUMM
Subdivision code of the bank 38903807780


Yandex.Money 410018826688898

Bitcoin 18QSya6vR9d1mvwzAteJ5otPVr6NEiTT4g

Hold an action of solidarity

In whatever city, in whatever country you are – you can make, even if only a small, action of solidarity. We publish all actions of solidarity on the site and on our pages in social networks.

Send your reports (photo, video, text) to

Ideas for actions:

  • Stickers and stencils
  • Pickets and marches
  • Banners
  • and whatever else you can imagine

Remember! When conducting actions, observe digital security techniques, do not communicate about actions openly on the Internet, organize only with those you trust, use Tor, VPN, secure messengers and encrypted mail to send reports.

Share this site

Spread information about the case of Azat Miftakhov, share a link to our resource and to our pages in social networks, talk about Azat with colleagues, relatives, friends. It is important that the case becomes public, that more people join the campaign, write to Azat, support him. Every repost is important!